Steven Stark offers tailored versions of his speaking, general writing, litigation writing, and gender communication courses in-house for law firms, corporations businesses, and public service and public interest organizations. His public interest work is a major focus of his teaching.

He also recently began offering five new “mini-courses” that last anywhere between an hour and three hours:

Legal Writing and Persuasion in the Smartphone Age
— Communicating With and Winning Over Clients
— Contract Drafting in the Age of the Internet
— The Surprisingly Useful Things Legal Writers Can Learn from Fiction Writing and Poetry

What makes many of the writing versions of these courses distinctive is that Steven Stark usually solicits samples in advance from as many participants as possible to gear the course to the specific legal and writing needs of the firm. (For example, a firm that does mostly labor law litigation will receive a course geared to writing better litigation filings before the NLRB and the appropriate courts; a firm that drafts a lot of contracts will receive a course focusing on contract drafting.) After the group session, he also tries to meet individually with as many lawyers as possible to go over their writing and he provides follow-up by phone or email as needed.

For more information on content, costs, scheduling, and references, please contact Steven Stark.

Now available online for CLE Credit:

Legal Writing in the Smartphone Age

Read Steven Stark’s book “Writing to Win: The Legal Writer.”