Steven Stark has presented hundreds of writing and speaking courses to public CLE gatherings of lawyers, judges, and other professionals in over 30 states and provinces in the United States and Canada, as well as around the world. He devotes a substantial amount of his work to public interest, human rights, and pro bono organizations. He typically presents one of three full or half-day courses for lawyers and other professionals:

He also gives a fourth course with Sarah Wald, Communicating Across the Gender Gap: What Lawyers and Professionals Need to Know.

In addition, he has begun giving seven “mini-courses” that typically last between one and three hours. These are:

— Marketing and Promotional Writing for Lawyers

— Communicating With and Winning Over Clients

                 — Writing Better Client Alerts

— Effective Editing For Partners and Associates

— Communicating With and Winning Over International Clients

— Contract Drafting in the Age of the Internet

— The Surprisingly Useful Things Legal Writers Can Learn from Fiction Writing

For more information on content, scheduling, references, and costs, please contact Steven Stark.