Public Speaking and Oral Presentations to American Clients and Audiences

Ever wonder why your oral presentations to American audiences sometimes fall flat? Or do you ever simply marvel how Americans could possibly consider Ronald Reagan or even Oprah Winfrey a better public speaker than Winston Churchill? This brief, fun-filled, informative workshop will examine the dynamics of public speaking to and for American audiences and clients – examining in detail what makes American public speech different from its counterparts in other cultures. Pick up dozens of practical tips on making presentations to American audiences; making better arguments or pitches before potential clients, panels, tribunals, and judges; dealing with hostile or indifferent listeners; using humor, and improving your voice, appearance, and delivery. Topics include:

— Presentations and pitches to Americans;
— How television and computers change how American audiences listen;
— The American use of humor and narrative;
— The religious and social basis of American speech;
— Why Americans love PowerPoint (but why you should often avoid it);
— Speaking with a translator;
— Coming across better in teleconferencing;
— Speaking to the American media.

This course is aimed at both lawyers and business people living and practicing abroad who have to deal frequently with Americans and American lawyers.